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Verde Valley, Arizona - Weather

Climate, Average Temperatures, Forecast,...

Weather information for the Verde Valley area is provided below. Average temperatures, climate details and current forecasts are included.


The Verde Valley area is between 3000 and 4000 feet and experiences hot summers, with temperatures exceeding 100 mid-summer. Winter ares mild with ocasional days having below freezing temperatures. There is rarely any snow. Higher elevations in the surrounding area will of course have cooler temperatures.

Average high and low temperatures by month and average precipitation are set out below:

Month Avg.
January 60° F 25° F 1.0 in
February 65° F 29° F 1.2 in
March 70° F 33° F 1.3 in
April 78° F 39° F 0.7 in
May 88° F 46° F 0.3 in
June 98° F 53° F 0.3 in
July 101° F 63° F 1.6 in
August 98° F 62° F 2.0 in
September 92° F 54° F 1.6 in
October 82° F 43° F 1.1 in
November 69° F 32° F 1.1 in
December 59° F 26° F 1.2 in

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